After field assessments conducted by the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent in the governorates of Iraq:
Distributing more than 15,000 food parcels to the affected families by coronavirus.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has distributed more than 15,000 food parcels to the poor and affected families by Coronavirus.
‘’ The branches teams of the IRCS in the governorates have distributed food and relief items, where they have distributed more than 15,000 food parcels in all the governorates of Iraq to the poor and affected families by corona pandemic’’, said Mr.Ahmed Al-Joubori the head of disaster department in the IRCS.
Al-Joubori has clarified that the distribution has been conducted after preparing a prior plan which based on field assessments implemented by the teams of the IRCS which covered all Iraq governorates, the distribution teams have been formed relying on the database which prepared for this matter.
Iraq has affected by Coronavirus that caused the economic paralysis in all parts of the world, the most affected families where those with low and zero-income.
The head of disaster department has indicated that the distribution process took into consideration the population of every governorate and the rate of poverty in it, also taking into account the aspect of deprivation and destitute, and using the infection vulnerability database also the number of people infected with Coronavirus  in each governorate.
The ministry of planning indicated that the rate poverty because of Corona pandemic in Iraq has reached  to 40% in 2020 which is an urgent number after it was in the last year 23% according to the central indications system for counting.
The IRCS has started to distribute food and relief assistance to continue its past campaigns to alleviate the sufferings of the people, the IRCS has distributed more than 65,000 food parcels to the poor families during coronavirus. 

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