Cooperation agreement has been signed between IRCS and Zain Iraq mobile communication company

Joint cooperation agreement has been signed between IRCS and Zain Iraq mobile communication company which aims to distribute Ramadan food parcels to 3,500 vulnerable families in all Iraqi governorates . This fruitful cooperation has been taken a joint discipline by these two major institutions in order to target the largest number of vulnerable families . In Ramadan the blessing month a variety of food items will be distributed . Zain Iraq company which invests this constructive cooperation with IRCS in order to complete its positive achievement within the social predication program which is known by it since its first functioning and that dealt with different Iraq community segments which take advantage from the available potential of the company to improve and to support their social status as much as possible , in this regard Mohamed al-Jerifje , Zain Iraq company chairman commenting on this initiative “ It is not the first time that the company initiate within its announced strategy in supporting Iraqi community segments ,but the the cooperation with IRCS will result in the delivery of the benefit to the largest number of families” , and he also said “ we in Zain company will not hesitate to find other modes of dealing with all humanitarian institutions that work to deliver the interest to the community . From his part , Dr. Yaseen al-Maamori ( IRCS president ) was glade by this agreement and said “ We welcome this cooperation ( between IRCS and Zain co. ) which is the nucleus for coming humanitarian projects that aim to present the necessary assistance to great number of Iraqi community segments .We welcome Zain Iraq CO. initiative and we hope that other institutions imitate that in helping the local community .On the other hand , Mr. Wael ghanaym ( the head of financial and operational management of Zain CO.) “ We are deeply happy to sign the cooperation agreement with IRCS because we know the great potentials of IRCS in reaching the great number of most vulnerable Iraqi families , we in Zain will not spare any efforts in delivering our support to different community segments , we assure that our cooperation with IRCS is one of our initiatives which come in a long series of community predication and we will seek through that to create other formula of cooperation which was founded in 1932 , is one of the oldest humanitarian institutions that does its best by volunteers to deliver the humanitarian assistance in critical times , and due to exceptional circumstances that Iraq experienced ; IRCS is working with Zain CO. according to high regulated standards and coordination cooperation ( this due to that Zain CO. is one of the largest mobile operator in Iraq .

In this regard Mohamed al-Khuzae ( IRCS assistant secretary general “ this cooperation between IRCS and Zain CO. is exceptional cooperation in its organizational frames the purpose behind it is to deliver the support and contribution to the largest number of vulnerable people of community . This cooperation comes as a result of joint understanding with our society ( IRCS ) which works within complete humanitarian and neutral frame by its branch and bureaus in all parts of Iraq which leading to the distribution of Ramadan parcels which supported by Zain CO. “ It must be mentioned that Ramadan food parcels included high quality and good quantity food that meet the needs of Iraqi family during the blessing month of Ramadan ( god return it upon you with bless and good .

About Iraqi Red Crescent Society

An independent national humanitarian society that works to reduce the suffering and pain of people without discrimination during the peace and war , natural disasters and non-natural disasters , it is also considered one of the most activist societies in the international movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent. The work of the society depends on the principle of voluntary work which considered the base in IRCS work , that the voluntary service is embodied the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent international movement which considered volunteers the basic block in the society work , that the voluntary relief doesn’t work for any interest or seek for any profit .

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