Dozens of citizens drowned after a river ferry capsized in Mosul and the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent rescue the wounded.

Dozens of people have drowned on Thursday after a ferry capsized in the tourist island of Mosul.
More than 40 people lost their lives most of them are women and children after the ferry sank. Immediately, the Iraqi Red Crescent teams have intervened with 25 volunteers and transported two mobile medical units to the scene, adding to provide first aid to the wounded, 25 wounded were rescued and some cases were transferred to the Al-Salam Hospital in Mosul,also seven children were handed over to their families and 12 children were also handed over to the river police because they didn`t find thier families, and retrieving 16 bodies were delivered to the hospital in Mosul.
The Iraqi Red Crescent, the river police the army are continuing to search for survivors of the sinking ferry. 

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