“Even war has its limits”
The Iraqi Red Crescent Society and the International Committee of Red Cross have celebrated the 70th anniversary of Geneva Conventions.

Baghdad – Iraqi Red Crescent Society / ICRC – 23 September.  

 The Iraqi Red Crescent Society ( IRCS) , represented by its President, Dr. Yaseen Al-Mamouri and the International Committee of Red Cross, represented by the Head of its Mission in Iraq, Mrs. Katrina Ritz,  has organized a memorial ceremony on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the adaptation of Geneva conventions by the International community  on 12 August 1949, in this ceremony speeches have been delivered by Dr. Basheer Hadad the Vice president of the House of Representatives and Dr. Ali Akram Al Bayati, Member of the Board of Commissioners of the High Commission for Human Rights and Mr. Majeed Khalaf Abdul Redha, Director of Human Rights at the Ministry of Defense.   
Dr. Yassin Mamouri and Mrs. Katrina Ritz have also delivered speeches during the occasion to recall that the four Geneva Conventions and the international humanitarian law set out the rules of war been adopted to protect civilians, civilian objects, wounded and prisoners of war in times of armed conflict in order to ensure that their basic needs are covered and protect their lives, safety and dignity.  
In 1949, following the human suffering and massive destruction caused by World War II, many countries have signed the Geneva Conventions among the very few international conventions that many States have joined in or ratified by states from all over the world, including the Republic of  Iraq.  70 years after their adoption, these agreements are still important and contribute to save lives as they were designed.
Despite the adaptation of the convention  on the international level since 1949, the provisions of these agreements have not been observed in different parts of the world, while armed conflict has undergone many changes in particular over the past 20 years, where the number of armed conflicts have increased , and new technology has emerged in wars,  Nevertheless, the resilience of these rules which characterized by these rules  governing armed conflict, which armies around the world include in their military doctrine and rules of engagement, is a living demonstration of their embodiment of international values that are common to all humanity.
” The common challenge for us is to find ways to ensure respect for international humanitarian law, which is a fundamental guarantee for the protection of civilians and help them to overcome the difficulties, and we are always keen to raise awareness and remind always of the need to respect the international humanitarian law,” said Dr. Yaseen Al-Mamouri the president of the IRCS. 
“Enhancing knowledge in the Geneva Conventions and respect its provisions has saved countless lives and reduced the suffering of victims of hundreds of armed conflicts that have occurred over the past 70 years, without any doubt, the current wars can become even worse in the absence of these rules, the Geneva Conventions explicitly state the role and mandate of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to protect and assist those affected by armed conflict and to the role of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and their prevention and alleviation of human suffering during natural and human emergencies”, said Mrs. Katrina Ritz. 
Much has been achieved since the adoption of the Geneva Conventions in 1949, but much remains to be done.  The means of warfare and the interpretation of the law have evolved.  The unacceptable violations of international humanitarian law that occur daily in various parts of the world do not allow any other solution.  By this particular occasion this year, the ICRC and the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are asking States to adopt and apply the international humanitarian law and to respect its provisions, while reaffirming the protective force of international humanitarian law.

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