Iraqi and Jordan Red Crescent renew the agreement of treating the Iraqi patients at Jordan Red Crescent hospital.

The Iraqi Red Crescent and its Jordanian counterpart have renewed the agreement of treating the Iraqi patients at the outpatient clinics of the Jordan Red Crescent Hospital.
The agreement was signed by Dr. Yassin Ahmed Abbas the President of the Iraqi Red Crescent and Dr. Mohammad Mutlaq Al-Hadid the President of the Jordan Red Crescent, the implementation of the agreement has launched on 9/2/2019 until 31/12/2019.
The agreement is based on providing treatments for Iraqi patients who are transferred from the Iraqi Red Crescent office in Jordan after conducting laboratory tests and treating some of the special diseases. The lists of medications and medical supplies and pricing of services previously approved between the two sides.
The partnership between the two societies Iraqi and Jordan Red Crescent is a successful and distinctive partnership in the field of humanitarian and relief work.

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