Iraqi Red Crescent
1000 volunteers are implementing daily sterilization operations in different regions of Iraq.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society(IRCS) has announced that 1,000 volunteers have implemented sterilization operations in governmental and non-governmental institutions in various parts of Iraq while confirming the start of making medical masks and distributing them for free.
The IRCS has said in a statement: ” More than a thousand volunteers from the IRCS have sterilized governmental and non-governmental institutions and the houses of citizens in various governorates of Iraq every day, as well as awareness campaigns that include the distribution of thousands of publications.”
The IRCS has noted: “Mobile ambulance detachments are delivering preventive instructions, in addition to mobile campaigns distributing awareness signs on shops and public markets.”
The IRCS has also affirmed: “The use of loudspeakers in public places, especially the loudspeakers and radios of the Tahrir Square and other squares in order to spread awareness and introduce ways to prevent Coronavirus.”

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