Iraqi Red Crescent: 80 houses collapsed by rain and torrents in Maysan and the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent mobilizing its efforts to relief them.

The governorate of Maysan this evening has been exposed to heavy rain and torrents which led to the damage of 80 houses and the collapse of dams and bridges in Maleha and Taeb villages, some border villages and its properties have also been damaged, and no dead cases have been recorded so far.
The IRCS`s teams in Maysan have immediatly evacuated some affected families and has installed 56 tents for them equipped with relief and food items.
The IRCS has sent a caravan of food assistance, ambulances and health teams to the affected villages, adding to distribute relief and food items by the riverboats because the roads have sunk completely especially the roads of the affected villages.
The IRCS is still continuing with its relief operations day and day out to provide support for the affected from the local community.    

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