Iraqi Red Crescent
A Chinese Red Cross medical delegation will arrive in Iraq today with a medical aid payment.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has announced, on Wednesday, the arrival of a second medical delegation from the Chinese Red Cross to Iraq this evening on an Iraqi Air Force plane, stating that the batch includes personal protection equipment for workers in health institutions, including protective suits, masks, and medical protection masks, as well as a scanner device to detect cases of lung injury and Chinese medicine.
 The IRCS has said,”The medical aid arriving from China is part of a prior cooperation between the Chinese Red Cross and the IRCS, which includes other payments  that will arrive later and which will all be delivered to the Ministry of Health”. 
 The IRCS has added “A second delegation of the Chinese Red Cross experts will arrive today to support the teams of IRCS and health teams in strengthening their abilities to confront Coronavirus and will join with  the first delegation who based currently in Iraq and carried out a large number of field visits, also held meetings to transfer its expertise in the face of  VIRUS COVID- 19 Corona.” 

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