Iraqi Red Crescent begins rehabilitating 60 houses in Siniyah district.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has began to rehabilitate the health complexes for houses in cooperation with the Swedish Red Cross in Al-Siniya district of Baiji township, and the rehabilitation stages have been accomplished of construction, digging work and preparing all of the construction requirements of sanitary materials and manholes sewage, the rehabilitation included 60 houses, which are the most affected by the battles that took place in Baiji township.
On the other hand, the IRCS has installed RO water desalination and purification unit in cooperation with the Swedish Red Cross with a capacity of 2000 cubic meters per hour for the displaced families in Dujail district.
In a related field , the branch of Nineveh of the IRCS in cooperation with the French Red Cross has distributed the potable water to the displaced families in Sinjar mountain , where the water was distributed in the areas of (Darkit, Bahdu, and Khadr Taala) more than 180 families.

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