Iraqi Red Crescent continues to relief the affected families in Al-Shirqat district and evacuates 65 families swept by rain torrents in Sulamia tent.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has announced that its relief teams have continued to distribute the relief and food aid for the affected families by rain torrents in Al-Shirqat district.
“The IRCS`s teams in Salahuddin are continuing to distribute food and relief aid to the families affected by rain torrents in the governorate, they also have distributed 230 food parcels to the affected families who are living in AlKhudrania village in Sharqat district “, said Mr. Haider Qassim the relief official in Salahaddin.
He added: “The relief teams of the IRCS have evacuated 65 displaced families living in the Al-Salameh refugee camp. They were surrounded by rain torrents , where they were sheltered in a school and provided with foodstuffs. They also provided them with more than 390 blankets, 6 blankets for every family.
He continued that the health teams have also provided medical and therapeutic services to affected families, as well as provide psychological and moral support to them in order to alleviate their suffering and help them to overcome the difficult conditions they live. 

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