Iraqi Red Crescent: continuing of displacement from Nineveh plain areas and expectations of increasing the numbers of displaced people in the coming day’s operations.

With the start of liberation operations in Mosul number of families they began to displacement from their house and the number of those families reach to (363) and more than (50) person were died as security forces worked to create safe corridors for families out of their villages.
Some displaced people are forced to walk on foot for long distances of over 35 kilometers, stretching from the south of Nineveh to the town drunk to the province of Arbil, which is the nearest city safe for civilians.
(Saad Jassim) which is one of displaced from the Nineveh Plain “He took advantage of the safe corridors provided by the Iraqi security forces and fled with his family to the city drunk after that the march took a full day.” He adds, “we are out of the Nineveh Plain process has been extremely difficult, as we had to walk long distances, And hampering the provision is that I have made up of five members, three of whom family children, has been save us by Red Crescent volunteers Iraqi government agencies in school, which refers here to a school used by the volunteers Iraqi Red Crescent to house displaced families have taken from schools and places public homeless. Adding to the seriousness of the humanitarian situation is the prevalence of mines and explosives on the link roads between the plain of Nineveh and the city of Sharqat down to the town drunk, where displaced families behave roads full of danger as a result of planting large quantities of mines and explosives by militants.
During the past two days, the Iraqi Red Crescent, the formation of a team of volunteers to try to rescue and assist the displaced families south of Nineveh, as part of the preparedness plan developed by the Assembly in preparation for operations displacement that accompanied the release of Nineveh, since its inception has been trying these teams provide medical and food aid and shelter for the displaced families. These teams are trying to provide medical and food aid, shelter to the displaced families.
And was able to distribute food and relief goods to all the families that came to the city, Mr.( Howera Ihsan) the director of the Iraqi Red Crescent branch  in Arbil says: The Red Crescent put a proactive plan in order to aid the displaced families from different Nineveh plain areas and helped shelter the displaced process and distribution of ready food and the other is prepared in places of displacement is expected to increase with the number of displaced next few days from the Nineveh plain areas, while the Assembly has strengthened its capabilities and has stepped up its preparations for a possible exodus of operations in the coming days.

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