Iraqi Red Crescent
Continuous awareness campaigns against Coronavirus in all the areas of Iraq.

The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) are continuing with the health awareness campaigns that have started more than a month ago in all Iraq areas in order to face Coronavirus that killed 6 people, adding to register 62 infections in all the governorates of Iraq, the field teams have deployed at the markets, stores and the civil and governmental institutions in order to aware the local community from the virus and the ways to deal with.
” The IRCS has used loudspeakers at the public places to raise awareness of the community from the virus risk, also the IRCS has published posters regarding various health guidelines such as the virus symptoms and the difference between Coronavirus and the flu and how the affected people deal with it”, said Dr. Ali Majeed the head of health section in the IRCS.
Dr. Ali has added that the IRCS has doubled its efforts in the awareness campaigns because of its contributions in saving lives of people, the main requirements to face the above-mentioned virus is to prevent it”.
The IRCS`s ambulances are spread in the main cities and various neighborhoods using loudspeakers to deliver awareness guidelines to the people in order to increase the health awareness in facing the Coronavirus, in addition to other teams are deploying to raise awareness of the individuals. 

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