Iraqi Red Crescent denies receiving financial aid and food assistant from any ministry or directorate service to help the displaced families from Anbar, except receiving two billion Iraqi Dinars from council of Ministries.

Iraqi Red Crescent Society has denied what said in the local media for receiving financial support from some of Ministries and institutions or directorate to help the displaced families from Al-Anbar except receiving two billion Iraqi Dinar from council of Ministries. Adding, “The IRCS has provided food and relief assistant to the displaced families from Al- Anbar from its own resources”. . Al-khuzai clarified : Iraqi Council of Ministers allocated two billion Iraqi dinars dispensing humanitarian aid to the displaced families from Al-Anbar. Alkhozai criticized some of the statements by the ministries and institutions claim to helping the Iraqi Red Crescent Society in providing financial support according to what some media released recently, mentioned that IRCS has provided food and relief assistance for more than (28000) displaced families from ( Al-zwia, Al-nassaf, Al-bualwan, Al-mahamda, Al-mashahda, Al-falahat, Al-jafa, Al-saqlawia, Al-azragia, Hauouoa, Al-buhawa, Al-neaemia, Al-kuly kam, Al-cici, Al-sajar, Al-shahbani, 7 kilo complex, Hay Al-dhubat , tourist city in Al-habbania, Heet, kbes, Ana, Hadeetha, Al-baghdadi, sharea 60, Al-butheyab, Al-malab, Al-warar, Hay Al-shurta, Al-bushaaban, Al-hoze, Al-majar, Rutba), as well as number of displaced families to the neighboring governorates where distributed in ( Baghdad, Salaheddin, Najaf, Karbala, Samawa, Al-diwania , Nenawa, Deyala). Iraqi Red Crescent Society teams are still presenting humanitarian services, first aid and psychological support to the affected families and transporting the injured to the Hospitals.

About Iraqi Red Crescent Society

An independent national humanitarian society that works to reduce the suffering and pain of people without discrimination during the peace and war , natural disasters and non-natural disasters , it is also considered one of the most activist societies in the international movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent. The work of the society depends on the principle of voluntary work which considered the base in IRCS work , that the voluntary service is embodied the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent international movement which considered volunteers the basic block in the society work , that the voluntary relief doesn’t work for any interest or seek for any profit .

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