Iraqi Red Crescent: Displacement of more than 270 families from their houses that affected by floods in Salah al-Din districts.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has announced the displacement of more than (270) families from their homes due to the floods that swept through the villages of (Baiji, Ashtayh, Srin, Arbazia) belonging to the districts of Salah governorate.

The IRCS has reported in a statement that its teams have rushed to provide assistance and supplies to families which their houses have been swept by torrents, the continuing heavy rain led to the displacement of (154) families from the Karamat area and east of the village of Baaiji to their families and relatives in the village of Mazra’a and the modern neighborhood, the floods caused the sink most of their farms, which are estimated at 30 dunums, also 60 houses besieged by water, 75 families have been displaced from the village of Arbazia to their relatives, In addition, 49 families have also been displaced from Al Sreen village to the mountain area, also five families from Al-Ashitah village were displaced due to floods that surrounded their homes.
The IRCS`s health teams have provided first aid to dozens of families in the village of Qadiriyah which flooded by water and to find out their situation in the crisis, and five emergency teams have been allocated who are deployed along the Tigris River to provide services, first aid and psychosocial support for families who are living nearby it, adding to  raise awareness of the families from the dangers of floods because of the current situation in the governorate and the torrents that flooded a number of villages.
The IRCS`s teams are continuing to monitor the low level of the Tigris River to 45 cm in height, with the aim of strengthening the earth mounds and monitoring the river level, as well as the announcement in advance of emergency safety measures in urgent situation due to the collapse of dams, floods, and rain torrents. 

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