Iraqi Red Crescent distribute financial grants in cooperation with German Red Cross for the families affected by floods and the ferry`s victims families.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has distributed financial grants from the German Red Cross to the families of the victims of the river ferry and the families affected by the floods in the city of Mosul.
The teams of the IRCS have distributed cash amounts to more than 40 families of the sinking ferry victims in Mosul, at a rate of 400 dollars per family,”.
The IRCS`s teams have also distributed financial grants to more than (60) families affected by floods and torrents in the (Rashidiya) city in Mosul, and also (400) dollars per family affected, in order to help those families to recover part of what they have lost by floods that swept through their areas.
The teams of the IRCS in Nineveh governorate have participated actively in the rescue operations of the sinking ferry victims and relief the wounded through mobile medical units and arrived at the scene immediately after the incident, adding to contribute to search and retrieve a number of bodies of the victims and hand them to the concerned authorities, the IRCS`s teams since the beginning of the flood crisis, has distributed food and relief assistance to the affected families who have been flooded in the city of Mosul.    

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