Iraqi Red Crescent distributes health aid to more than 400 displaced families in Saladdin.

The Iraqi Red Cresent Society ( IRCS) has distributed health aid to more than 400 displaced families in Salahaddin.
The IRCS has reported in a statement that the IRCS `s teams have distributed 430 health set for the displaced families who are living in Qeba`a school in Salahuddin, the teams have conducted an assessment of the needs of the  displaced families and they find out that they are in desperate need for health aid and its provided for them.
The statement has added that the IRCS`s health teams have organized health awareness program through delivering introductory lectures about the risks of transitional diseases and the ways to prevent it, also distributing introductory posters in order to avoid infecting the transitional diseases, adding to provide what they need regarding psychosocial, therapeutic and medical services.
The IRCS is continuing to relief the displaced families and provide the humanitarian aid to them in cooperation with its partners in the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent until they secure their return to their areas that they have been forced to leave it.

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