Iraqi Red Crescent distributes relief and food aid to more than 100 families besieged by torrents in Diyala.

The district of Mendele in Baladroz township has exposed to a heavy wave of torrents coming from the areas of Naft Khana which is called (Kalal), the torrents have besieged the villages of Bridge area especially the areas of ( Al-Zohor, Hanon and Mohammed Al-Musa) which they are 115 affected families, where the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent (IRCS) have responded urgently and provided relief and food aid for more than 115 families.
” The teams of the IRCS have distributed relief and food aid  which covered 115 families, they have distributed 115 food parcels, 115 rice bag weighing 35 kg, 115 blankets, 690 jerry cans, 230 kitchen kit, 115 health set, 115 boilers, 115 water termiz, and 115 oil stoves for the families in the villages of Mendele district in Baladroz township”, said Mr.Mohammed Ali Jihad the relief teams official in Diyala governorate.  

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