Iraqi Red Crescent distributes stationery and study requirements to primary school students in Wasit Governorate.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) within its plans and programs, focuses on the students and the ways to improve them and provide the best services to help them complete their academic career because they are the future leaders.
The teams of the IRCS in Wasit governorate have conducted field visits to a number of schools which covered the districts that surrounded the governorate, the teams have met with students and the teaching staff in order to inspect the conditions and needs of students and encourage them to study and succeed, adding to distribute stationery and study supplies for elementary school students in Al-Aziziya district in the province on the occasion of the start of the new academic year.
The role of the IRCS was not limited to the provision of stationery and study materials, but it is seeking through programs  are designed to create a suitable environment for the study through providing the program of the wall painting in a number of governorates to prepare it as well as fixing  the  old trips for the new academic year in order to raise the morale of the students and cultivate a smile on their faces and urge them to persevere.

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