Iraqi Red Crescent
Distributing food parcels, sacrificial meat and baby milk to more than 78,000 families affected by Coronavirus across the governorates.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society(IRCS) has distributed food parcels and sacrificial meat to more than 78,000 families affected by Corona pandemic throughout the governorates.
The IRCS has said in a statement, “The Red Crescent teams who are deployed throughout the governorates were able within seven days despite the high temperatures and the spread of Coronavirus to distribute food parcels to (58224) vulnerable families and affected by Coronavirus in all the governorates of Iraq”.
The statement has added,”The IRCS’s volunteers also have distributed (7) tons of fresh meat to more than (7000) families affected by the Coronavirus (2) kilograms for each family in various governorates.”
The Red Crescent teams are making exceptional efforts in the distribution process of food items despite the high temperature and the spread of  Coronavirus , however the IRCS’ teams are continuing to distribute food and meat so far, and the  work is continuing during the days of Eid al-Adha. 
 In the same context, the Red Crescent teams have distributed more than 26,000 boxes of baby milk to 13,000 families in various governorates, the IRCS teams are continuing to publish health awareness campaigns through the publication of educational posters and films, as well as the daily sterilising operations for the service departments, government institutions and military installations throughout the governorates. 

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