Iraqi Red Crescent evacuates more than 800 families affected by rain torrents in Shirqat district north of Salahuldin.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has evacuated more than 800 families affected by rain torrents that swept the districts of Al-Khadrania and Horria in Shirqat district north of Salahuldin governorate, the torrents have led to material and human loses, also most houses have been drowned.
” The emergency teams of the IRCS since morning have evacuated 307 families from the village of Khadrania and 530 families from the village of Horria and saving them after they have been besieged by the torrents that swept their houses and transport them to a safe place, also providing the necessary first aid for them, where the water level hight estimates from one to two and a half (m) which is led to the destruction of four houses built by mud and more than 500 houses have been swept in the districts of Khadrania and Horria”, said Mr. Hyder Qassim the relief official of the IRCS in Salahuddin.
Qassim has added that the IRCS`s health teams have raised the awareness of the families who are living in the villages of Tigris river basin in Tikrit city about the risks of torrents as a result of the current situation that the governorate going through and the torrents that drowned a number of villages in Shirqat district, also the risk of flood that threaten the governorate.
The IRCS is still continuing to provide the necessary assistance for the families affected by rain torrents, adding to announce in advance about the safety procedures in urgent situations as a result of the collapse of dams, floods, and rain torrents.   

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