Iraqi Red Crescent: Evacuating 10 families after the sinking of their houses in Wasit Governorate.

The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent (IRCS) has managed to evacuate 10 families at Al-Shateya area in Al-Ahdeb bridge in Wasit due to the rise of the water level.
The IRCS`s relief teams have transported the above-mentioned families and shelter them in the public places in Kut city, adding to provide first aid, also the teams have implemented a campaign to raise awareness of the affected families who are living on the banks of Tigris river.
On the other hand, the IRCS has distributed relief and food aid for the families that their houses have been sunk in the areas of ( Al-Ahdeb bridge, Jasan, and Al-Shehabi townships, and the districts of Sheikh Saad and Al-Numaniya. 

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