Iraqi Red Crescent: Heavy torrents forced a lot of families to leave their houses in the villages of Rawandoz district in Erbil governorate.

A number of villages in Rawandoz district in Erbil governorate were swept by the water torrents and it has led to the drowning of 102 houses in Warti area in Rawandoz district that witnessed heavy rain during the last two days and created torrents which caused damages to the houses of the  citizens and the public facilities .
“ more than 398 families in Rawandoz district have been forced to leave their houses  because of the torrents that swept some of the villages and caused to a material damages without civilian casualties, said Mr. Hawri Ehsan the Head of  Irbil branch of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society.
“ The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has rushed to implement a relief campaign which include distributing urgent assistance such as food and relief materials  for the citizens, and he emphasizes to continue to provide the assistance in order to meet the needs of the citizens , by the time that the families have returned to their relatives which did not call for the installation of camps to shelter them, Mr. Hawri added. 

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