Iraqi Red Crescent: Heavy torrents swept Kazania district in Diyala and the relief teams intervene to rescue the families.

The district of Kazania in Rawandoz area has exposed to a heavy wave of torrents coming from the areas of Naft Khana which is called (Kalal), the torrents have besieged the villages of Bridge area especially the areas of ( Al-Zohor, Hanon and Mohammed Al-Musa) which they are 90 families, the torrents have cut off the main road between the center of Ghazaniya, Mandeli, and Baladrouz district, and the cars have stopped due to fears of the collapse of the main bridge, some villages were evacuated by the Diyala Operations Command by helicopters. 
 The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent in Diyala have formed a relief team and conducted a field assessment for the affected villages to provide relief and food items for the besieged families due to the torrents.  

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