Iraqi Red Crescent implements a program to rehabilitate the infrastructures of a number of schools of Baghdad governorate.

With the start of the new academic year, the lack of services provided to the  students in schools is an impediment to the advancement of educational reality and the improvement of the level of education, where many schools, especially in areas far from city centers, suffer a clear lack of services for students, especially health services, in addition to the oldness and negligence of its infrastructure, and as the number of students grows each year, this crisis is exacerbated which negatively affect the absorption of students and their level of education.
In a move to support and improve the level of services provided to students, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has organized a programme to rehabilitate the infrastructure of a number of schools in the outskirts of Baghdad, where the IRCS`s teams have begun to rehabilitating the infrastructure and repairing 10 schools in Sadr City by replacing and establishing health facilities, adding to install new hygienic drinking water units and water coolers, in addition to repaint the walls and doors where 5 schools within the program were completed at this stage, although work is still underway.
The IRCS in cooperation with its partners in the International Red Cross and Crescent Movement is continuing its programme and plan for the rehabilitation of school infrastructures in remote and far areas from the city center. 

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