Iraqi Red Crescent implements preventive programs to prevent infection with Coronavirus in all the governorates.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has prepared many preventive programs to prevent infection or spread of Coronavirus in all governorates of Iraq, through awareness campaigns implemented by the health teams who are deployed in local communities.
The IRCS has stated that the main reason for the spread of diseases and epidemics in general, including the Coronavirus, is the lack of proper personal hygiene. Therefore, local communities must be encouraged to provide this hygiene and distribute its supplies among individuals and train them on how to wash hands because this is a major way to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics, noting that Many diseases can be avoided by taking care of personal hygiene, washing hands and using a lot of fluids to sterilize them after shaking hands, preventive and precautionary measures were taken to face the virus, as a result of global concerns about its transmission and spread among countries, as it became the responsibility to monitor it not limited to a specific country. Therefore, the IRCS through its health teams have taken urgent preventive measures such as organizing awareness campaigns, workshops and field meetings for human gatherings in many places, in which introductory lectures were given about the disease and the extent of its spread globally and the precautionary measures to be taken, also the symptoms of the disease which is similar to the symptoms of influenza, the symptoms of the coronavirus begin with cold, cough, sore throat and lungs, high temperatures, diarrhea, inflammation Intestinal and severe cases develop into pulmonary failure, then kidney failure and death, if preventive measures are not taken against the disease.
The IRCS`s health, preventive and publicity campaigns also focus on the necessity to avoid many societal habits such as hugs, as well as the need to pay attention to food hygiene and ensure its sources, stressing the importance of strict measures being taken by specialized institutions to reduce random carnage and dispose of waste properly.
The IRCS has warned for the need to expedite the review of specialist doctor for some groups when catching colds and warn or ban travel to places suspected of the presence of the virus, and to establish a culture of putting the medical masks to prevent the outbreak of the disease, as spray is the main mean of transmitting the disease between individuals when seeking directly and the need to the continuous follow-up for health advice in order to prevent transitional diseases in general and not to underestimate them.  

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