Iraqi Red Crescent implements youth programs to spread the culture of voluntary and peaceful coexistence among the members of the community.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is working through its youth programs on spreading the culture of voluntary, peaceful coexistence, support the young men, encourage them to volunteer work, enhance their ability, spread the culture of law and immigration, respect the public property and reject the negative community phenomena, such as the illegal youth immigration, school dropout, child labour, internet addiction and early divorce and replace it with the positive social values in order to upgrade the community.
The IRCS`s teams represented by the youth department are characterized by the diversity of their youth programs, the targeted categories, gender balance and focusing on the idea of youth, peace, peaceful coexistence, implementing youth programs as leaders in the work of activities and developing skills and talents in order to invest it  in the field of humanitarian work through merging them in the workshops and courses, the number of implemented  youth activities during the last August has reached 152 workshops which have covered the youth, students, volunteers, displaced people, the most vulnerable categories of community and the categories of the local community, where the number of the beneficiaries have reached 4246 people.
The diversity of youth programs projects as leaders, the program of peace and youth, the program of awareness and community had a great influence on the participants in the workshops and courses that have included delivering introductory lectures about the projects in the human development and investing the youth energy as volunteers, adding to deliver lectures about time management and how to control it and make decisions.     

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