Iraqi Red Crescent: Installing filtering units and water refrigerators to the schools of the right side of Mosul.

The rising of temperature levels in summer has led to the desperate need for healthy and cool water to the school students of finished stages ( the third and sixth) in the current school season, in order to provide a proper environment for studying and the educational activities in the schools that lack some basic services.
As a result of the difficult humanitarian conditions that Nineveh governorate has witnessed, the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS)  have equipped 12 schools in the right side of Mosul with filtering units in a capacity of 25 liters per hour and water refrigerators, adding to replace the old pipes with new one, the IRCS`s teams have also equipped every school with first aid kit contain bandages, antiseptics and other first aid items.
The IRCS has chosen the above-mentioned schools after conducting a field survey in the right side of Mosul city, the assessment showed that the schools need a massive rehabilitation and provide proper health conditions for the students in it.   

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