Iraqi Red Crescent
Launching two campaigns to sterilise the cities of Al-Sader and Al-Shula.

On Saturday 28/3/2020, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society(IRCS) has announced the launch of two campaigns to sterilise and disinfect the cities of Sadr and Shula in Baghdad city to prevent Coronavirus. 
 The IRCS has said in a statement, “The teams of IRCS have launched a major campaign to sterilise and disinfect the city of Sadr, east of Baghdad to prevent Coronavirus in cooperation with the civil defence and the Baghdad Municipality,  noting that the campaign covered  most of the city’s sectors, markets and regions.”
 The IRCS has added, “The campaign is continuing on a daily basis in the city, noting that the Red Crescent teams have also simultaneously launched another campaign to sterilise the city of Shula, which will continue for several days, to completely sterilise it.”
 The IRCS has explained that it will use in its campaigns tanks and sprinklers on cars roaming the streets, pointing out that “sterilising operations are accompanied by distributing educational leaflets on ways to prevent Coronavirus  and urging citizens to stay in their houses using loudspeakers and ambulances.”

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