Iraqi Red Crescent
Launching (your doctor) program for affected and suspected people with Coronavirus. 

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society(IRCS) has launched the program of (your doctor)  which provides medical consultations through cellphone for the affected people with COVID-19, the program aims to provide information and medical consultations for the affected people  and guide them to the ways of dealing with home isolation and avoid the transmission of infection and the wanted treatment, the IRCS has provided the phone numbers of the doctors those who have experience in dealing with Coronavirus in order to receive the calls of citizens from 8 AM to 2 PM according to the instructions of Iraqi Health ministry and the World Health Organization and its treatment protocols.
The IRCS has said that many affected people are unaware of prevention ways, symptoms of infection and don’t know how to deal with Coronavirus after infection, also they are unaware of determining the proper time to go to hospital to get treatment, so that the IRCS has provided a number of doctors to call them if necessary  in order to get information and the medical consultations regarding COVID-19.

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