Iraqi Red Crescent
More than 60 days of fieldwork in providing medical services for wounded protesters.

The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society(IRCS) are continuing to provide the medical and therapeutical services for the wounded protesters since the beginning of demonstrations in 25 of the last October till now, they emphasize on making the extraordinary efforts through mobilizing the human and material capabilities of the IRCS from volunteers, first aid and medical teams, also the therapeutical items in order to provide the best medical and first aid services for the wounded of the demonstrations that witnessed by all the cities of the middle and south governorates of Iraq.
In coinciding with the high momentum of the mass attendance witnessed by the demonstration squares, the teams of the IRCS have doubled their fixed and mobile medical detachments and increased the size of cooperation with voluntary teams, the government health institutions and civil defense teams to keep pace with the size of the numerical increase for the protesters and be able to cover any urgent situation, in addition to stationing the ambulance cars of the IRCS in the demonstration arenas and its readiness around the clock to transfer the critical cases to the nearest hospital or health center.
The IRCS`s teams have also launched extensive campaigns to clean the demonstration squares and show the streets in the best and most beautiful picture, in addition to distributing informative posters about the work of the IRCS and the importance of volunteering work and its positive results on the individual and community. 

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