Iraqi Red Crescent: More than (98) families whose homes were affected due to the rain in Babel and Diwaniyah.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society [IRCS] has announced the outcome of the damaged houses as a result of the rain that fell yesterday in Diwaniyah, as the rain  caused damage to more than (50) houses in the slums areas in Alforat, Al-Hakam, Al-Hussein neighbourhoods and the district of Afak, including the collapse of an entire house and the floods has led to the displacement of (50) families to other areas, and the IRCS’s teams  have quickly provided shelter and relief supplies to the affected families, also they have  prepared shelter places in anticipation of similar cases.
 In Babylon, the rain led to less severe damage to (48) houses in the areas of Al-Musayyib, Al-Hashemiya, Al-Mahawil and Al-Kifl as these areas were submerged because of the rain, and the Red Crescent teams provided rain tarps, sheets, mattresses and other relief materials. 

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