Iraqi Red Crescent organizes a ceremony on the occasion of world woman day.

Every year in the eight of March, the world celebrate on the achievements of the woman regardless of nationality, ethnicity and social and economic environment.
Celebrating this ceremony, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has organized a festival at the Hunting club hall in the presence of the president of the IRCS Dr.Yassin AlMamouri and an elite of community woman, adding to a number of the IRCS`s volunteers, the festival has included delivering words and a number of activities regarding the creativity of the woman without exception and in different life fields.
Dr. Yassin AlMamouri the president of the IRCS has talked about the role of the Iraqi woman in a speech recalling her leading role during the wars and crises that hit the country and when they have replaced men, they were used to fill vacancies of public and private institutions in difficult circumstances and how women managed to run the house affairs in spite of the difficult economic conditions and its experience in recent years
severe conditions women were mainly in the steadfastness of the family and society. 

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