Iraqi Red Crescent organizes the forum of Communities in Action in humanitarian field in Baghdad.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has organized Baghdad forum for Communities in Action in the Humanitarian field at AlMansour hotel in Baghdad in the presence of a number of national and international organizations.
The president of the IRCS Dr.Yasin AlMamouri said in the opening of the forum that the humanitarian crisis in Iraq has entered a new phase and thousands of displaced families have returned to their home areas, also the government has made great efforts in returning life elements in the affected areas, the issue of reconstruction of Iraq takes many years as a result of the damage that caused by the recent events and this requires a concerted efforts in order to rebuild the community.
Dr.Yasin has added that the IRSC`s role in cooperation with its partners in the International Committee of Red Cross and Red Crescent, also the humanitarian organization has a distinctive role in facing the humanitarian challenges and alleviate the suffering of the affected people as a result of the disasters and events, He also added that our gathering here today is an international platform for the interaction of ideas and the determination of conclusions, which will provide us all with a common platform for serious collective action based on intellectual initiative and responsible freedom.
On the other hand, the attendees have praised the IRCS`s role in the humanitarian work and they show full support and preparedness for the IRCS`s work in the future and providing support in all humanitarian fields.


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