Iraqi Red Crescent organizes training workshops and provides psychosocial support for 102 displaced child in Diyala.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has organized training workshops and courses for the most vulnerable categories in the community within the programs of the forum of communication and community development that covered the displaced and poor families, widows, handicapped and the unemployed youth in the districts of Diyala governorate.
The IRCSs`s teams have implemented training and educational  workshops and courses in the field of sewing, knitting, teaching the  flower making and craftwork, also teaching the art of women`s shaving for the poor women and widows in the districts of( Mukdadia, khanaqin, Baladroz, Baquba and Khales) in order to provide job opportunities for the participants, raising their living level, reducing their suffering and enable them to maintain their families and meet their daily needs, the number of the beneficiaries have reached 90 people.
On the other hand, the IRCS`s teams who are deployed at Al-Wand camp for the displaced in Khanaqin district have provided lectures about the programs of psychosocial support for the displaced people which included the way on how to deal with children, getting them out of social isolation and alleviating their suffering, also teaching the participants the methods of providing the psychosocial support for the displaced children in the camp and through these lectures the teams have implemented the program of an open day for a child and more than 100 children have participated, the program includes games, free drawing, and entertainment programs specially prepared for the displaced children.    

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