Iraqi Red Crescent: Our teams have provided Al-Hussein Hospital with blankets and large quantities of life-saving medicines.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has said that it’s teams are still present in the hospitals of Nasiriyah city that witnessed momentum as a result of the fire that occurred yesterday in Al-Naqa Center, the IRCS was able to provide Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital with blankets for patients within a very short period of time.
“We were able to provide all the empty beds with blankets since the early morning, and we are still ready to support other hospitals, we have emergency stocks of first aid supplies, also we are ready to enhance the hospitals’ ability to absorb patients.”, said the director of Thi Qar branch in the IRCS Mr. Amer Hamid.
At the same time, the IRCS’s teams have managed to provide the hospital with large quantities of life-saving medicines, and the director of Thi Qar branch has also said, “We have purchased a quantity of life-saving medicines, including important treatments which used in critical and urgent cases, as well as treatments for cases of Covid-19 infection, to fill the shortage caused by the yesterday fire”.

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