Iraqi Red Crescent: Precautionary preparations to face rain torrents in a number of governorates.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has announced its preparedness to face the expected heavy rain torrents during the next days according to the Iraqi meteorological organization that Iraq has exposed to atmospheric depression.
The IRCS has reported in a statement ” The IRCS`s teams have mobilized its staff and volunteers, also preparing the health, psychosocial, relief, and the IRCS `s first responder teams in the governorates of ( Nineveh, Salahuddin, and Wasit), the IRCS`s teams have also equipped a strategic storage of tents, relief, and food items to face the expected torrents due to the rain.
In Salah al-Din, the IRCS`s teams have fully alerted and the movement towards Al-Sharqat area today, because their is information on the waves of flood not to be borne by the Tigris River based on the cables from the National Operations Center and the crisis cell in the governorate and reports of air conditions that indicate the occurrence of floods and torrents within the areas adjacent to Salah al-Din, which is expected to be much larger than the absorption of the Tigris River in the coming days, and to prevent the disaster, the IRCS`s teams have took the precautionary measures, the most important of which is to find an outlet for water drainage towards the desert between Salah al-Din and Anbar which needs a significant efforts that exceed the capacity of the governorate, as the most dangerous area for flooding in Iraq is the area between the Sharqat and Samarra Dam. 
The IRCS`s teams have called on the citizens of Saladin governorate to take precautionary measures and move away from the Tigris River basin, especially the areas that were exposed to floods and torrents in order to protect the lives and property of citizens.
In Wassit, the IRCS`s teams have taken the necessary measures to deal with the crisis of torrents, the crisis cell in the governorate, including the Iraqi Red Crescent, have warned citizens in the border villages, especially the villages of Badra district as it is adjacent to the Iraqi-Iranian border and has asked citizens to move away from the places that have been hit by the floods previously.

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