Iraqi Red Crescent provide financial grants for the families of victims and those affected by Al-tayaran square blast to help them overcome the crisis.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has distributed financial grants for the families of martyrs, the injured and those affected by Al-tayaran square blast in Baghdad.
‘’ In order to provide the urgent assistance, the IRCS’s financial aid divided into three types of affected by the blasts, they’re the families of martyrs, the injured of the blast and those who have small stores and booths who are close to the incident’’, said Mr. Ahmed Al-jubouri the director of disaster section in the IRCS.
Mr. Ahmed has added that we have provided financial grants to the affected to help them overcome the crisis, where the number of martyrs are 32 people, the injured 110 and 100 affected people who have small shops and booths, the numbers were calculated through special assessments in coordination with Baghdad health directorate.
Mr. Ahmed has continued that the assistance included distributing financial grants in cooperation with the IFRC, the teams have distributed 735,000 for the martyrs families, 435,000 for the injured and 145,000 for shop and booth owners who are close to the blast.
‘’ Most of the workers in this vital place are from the poor and toiling classes and they come from the governorates to Baghdad the capital searching for work with low wages, Al-tayaran square contain the market of used clothes and I lost everything because of the blast, and all the clothes have burned and one of my workers has wounded in his leg’’, said Mr. Haithem Abd Hmoud, 37 years old one of the affected from the blast.
The financial grants were distributed to the shop owners at the IRCS’s headquarters, as for the families of martyrs and wounded, the IRCS’s teams have distributed the money in their houses, also provide any other assistance they need, in addition to providing food aid in Ramadan, which will contribute to filling part of the families ’needs during the month of Ramadan.
Al-Tayaran Square, an area located in the centre  of  Baghdad, which includes a market for used clothes, has been subjected to two suicide attacks, which caused the killing and wounding more than 100 people, and this is the tenth blast in this area since 2003.

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