Iraqi Red Crescent provides food and relief assistance to more than 180 poor families in Mosul.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS)  has distributed food and relief aid to more than 180 families who have fled from the right side of Mosul to the left side.
“The IRCS`s teams have distributed 188 food parcels to the poor families who have fled from the right side of Mosul because of the destruction that damaged its areas after conducting an assessment to the numbers of the families and identify their needs,” said Mr. Haider Qassem the relief official in Nineveh governorate.
“More than 190 health and kitchen kits were distributed and other household items used by families in their daily needs, adding to distribute six blankets for each family,” Qassem added.
Qassim has continued that the relief teams of the IRCS have increased the supply of potable water in the right side of Mosul  to reach more than (700) thousand liters a day, which is transported by water tanker trucks from Al-Gazlani pump unit and distributed on (126) water tank in a capacity of (5000) liters which was installed in the districts of the right side of Mosul.
The IRCS seeks to provide food and relief assistance in order to alleviate the suffering of the poor families and help them to overcome the challenges of the difficult conditions that they live in. 

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