Iraqi Red Crescent provides medical and health services for over 2 million and 800,000 visitors.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has provided medical and health services to more than 2 million and 800,000 visitors during the Arbieniah visit.
The IRCS has reported in a statement “The teams of the IRCS  who are deployed at all the roads used by the visitors have provided medical and health services to more than (2814298) visitors within 19 days of the Arbieniah visit.
The statement has added that the medical services provided to visitors included wound medication and injuries, blood pressure measurements, treatment of convulsions by massage, awareness-raising and guidance for visitors, adding to  transfer some of pathological conditions to the hospitals through ambulances deployed in the routes used by visitors.
“The IRCS ‘s teams have conducted road cleaning campaigns and hundreds of tons of waste were removed by 1,000 volunteers from the IRCS who carried out these campaigns”,the statement has added.
The IRCS has established a mechanism to count the number of visitors  who are benefiting from its services in order to evaluate its work and the possibility of developing future plans to meet the needs of visitors. 

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