Iraqi Red Crescent provides the hospitals with Coronavirus PCR test to prevent its spread .

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has donated Coronavirus PCR test, testing equipment and the medical protecting requirements to a number of hospitals.
“ Due to Coronavirus outbreak and in order to reduce its spread and prevent it, the IRCS has donated Coronavirus PCR test to a number of hospitals, such as the Emirates hospital in Erbil, The Neurosciences hospital (Dr.Saad Al-Wetry) in Baghdad and the Jumhouri hospital in Basra, in cooperation with the Norwegian Red Cross’’, said Dr. Ali Almusawey the director of Health section in the IRCS.
Dr.Ali Al-Musawey has also said that the IRCS has provided with the PCR test device the testing equipment and personal protection requirements for the  medical team, and we hope that the Coronavirus pcr will contribute to curbing its spread. 

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