Iraqi Red Crescent rehabilitate 15 schools in Nineveh and Salah al-Din.

The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society(IRCS) have rehabilitated 15 schools in the governorates of Nineveh and Salah al-Din in cooperation with Swedish Red Cross.
“The IRCS’s teams  have started to rehabilitate a number of primary, middle and secondary schools in Nineveh and Salah al-Din governorates.”, said Mr.Nawar Abdul Qadir, the Head of structure and rehabilitation section in the IRCS.
Mr. Nawar has added that after conducting initial field checks for a number of schools in the two governorates, 9 schools were selected in Nineveh, and 6 schools in Salah al-Din, which were in actual need of rehabilitation.”,
Abdul Qadir stated that the rehabilitation includes water sources such as water pumps, pipes, tanks and their related accessories, adding to rehabilitate bathrooms and sanitary facilities, taking into consideration the number of students in each school, the health facilities have been constructed and rehabilitated in proportion to the number of students, and what is required of the features of students’ bathrooms, also establishing private bathrooms for people with special needs.
Mr. Nawar has also said that the rehabilitation also covered  doors, windows, glass, and lighting, with the preparation of containers for waste of various sizes, cleaning items  and floor sterilisers, with floor casting  and preparing and planting green spaces, also continuous periodic maintenance by the IRCS offices in these governorates.
Mr. Nawar has explained that the work of the IRCS in these schools is divided into two parts: the first is to rehabilitate each school with the materials and on-site work it needs, and the other part is awareness-raising, as there is a methodology for training teachers and students on how to deal with problems related to hygiene to develop environmental awareness and promote personal hygiene.
Abdul Qadir pointed out to the students ’health care by saying that special places will be set up to sterilize hands, as well as periodic checks of water to ensure its purity and suitability for consumption to prevent diseases that can be caused by polluted water, adding to  distribute  water bottles for all students.
This comes in conjunction with a number of projects sponsored by the IRCS and are being worked on in the governorates.

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