Iraqi Red Crescent rehabilitate three water units in Thi Qar governorate.

The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society [IRCS] in Thi Qar have rehabilitated and maintained a number of water desalination units in the governorate.

The rehabilitation process, which was supported by the IFRC included all the maintenance work, starting with arranging sites, renewing steel structures, rehabilitating energy sources by preparing power stabilisers, adding to the electrical work and preparing the purification and desalination materials.

The rehabilitation covered  the Al Kredi unit in Nassiriya district with a production capacity of 2000 liters per hour, the Al Manaa unit in Al Nasr district, which produced 500 liters per hour, and the Al Muhaina unit in Souq Al Shuyoukh district with a production capacity of 1000 liters per hour.

The above-mentioned water units were installed in remote areas that lack the potable water suitable for human use, the three units operate continuously and distribute water freely to the residents of the above-mentioned  areas and it’s surrounding.

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