Iraqi Red Crescent: Rehabilitating 28 health centres in six governorates.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has rehabilitated a number of health centres and hospitals  in cooperation with Norwegian Red Cross in six governorates.
‘’ The teams of construction and sanitation division in the IRCS have rehabilitated 28 health centres in six governorates which is: Nineveh, Salahaddin, Diyala, Karkok, Anbar and Baghdad’’ , said Mr. Nawar abdulkader the head of construction and sanitation division in the IRCS.
Mr. Nawar abdulkader has clarified that the work has included rehabilitating health facilities and bathrooms with whatever it needs of establishmentssuch as, laying water pipes, replacing seats and wall ceramics and preparing it’s requirements, adding to rehabilitate and maintain  heavy water sewers.
In the educational and awareness side to prevent Coronavirus, Mr. Nawar has emphasised that the teams have installed screens in every centre which broadcasts  around the clock the awareness guidelines for citizens and patients, the number of patients  in these centres and hospitals during work has reached more than 40,000 citizens.
Mr. Nawar has also said that in order to spread awareness against Coronavirus and the importance of health education in this period, the construction and sanitation division has started to install 28 screens which broadcasts  awareness guidelines for the citizens 24 hours a day , adding to posting posters which carries photos and guidelines for social distancing and adhering to the right prevention methods such as, wearing masks, wearing gloves, and never shaking hands and kissing in order  to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.
As affirmation of the IRCS’s keenness to preserve the public health of the patients , a special facility has been set up in front of the gates of the health centers to sterilise  the patients before entering the health center.
Abdul Qadir also affirmed that the construction and sanitation division in the IRCS has  provided the centers with materials, sterilizers, and cleaning items , medical equipment and maintenance tools ,also distributing special containers to dispose of  the medical waste, in three colours, and for each material used a special colour , adding to install R.O units for desalination and sterilisation of drinking water in order to purify  water and reduce the risk of Coronavirus disease.
This coincides with the continuing work on establishing 10 water units  in a number of hospitals in five governorates.

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