Iraqi Red crescent : Rehabilitation and maintenance of the biological units of Aljumhouri and Almawane hospitals in Basra.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society [IRCS] has rehabilitated and maintained the biological units of Aljumhouri and AlMawane hospitals in Basra governorate in cooperation with Norwegian Red Cross.
The IRCS has said in a statement:[ The teams of the IRCS have set the final stages to manufacture the units in a capacity of 400 cubic meters per hour and 200 metres per hour for Almawane and Aljumhouri hospitals].
The statement has added that the purpose of the above-mentioned project is to provide the drinking water in the hospitals, note that Basra governorate is suffering from the scarcity of water due to the raising of percentage of salinity, for that the IRCS in cooperation with Norwegian Red Cross has rehabilitated some units and conducting a full maintenance according to modern biological methods in order to purify and filtering water.  

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