Iraqi Red Crescent sends additional urgent teams to relief the affected families from rain torrents in Mosul.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has sent emergency teams from the staff and volunteers of the IRCS in order to relief and aid the affected families in the areas that have been swept by rain torrents in Mosul.
The IRCS has reported in a statement that an operations room has been formed in order to follow up the rain crisis and directing the relief teams to the areas swept by rain torrents in the city of Mosul in order to relieve the affected families and help them to save their properties, adding to provide the humanitarian aid to them, the teams have registered 180 affected families by rain torrents who are living in Altawafa area in Mosul and they are in desperate need of food, relief, and health assistance.
The statement has added that the IRCS`s teams have sent in coordination with the township of Mosul trucks to drainage rainwater and reduce it in the areas that have been swept by torrents, also the IRCS`s teams have opened a waterway by the Shuffle truck in order to wash away the water torrents from the Hamam Alalil camp and avoid the risk of flood from the families.
The statement has followed that the IRCS`s teams have distributed posters and folders guidelines about how to deal with the flood risk, adding to provide the psychosocial support for the affected families. 

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