Iraqi Red Crescent sends mobile medical clinics to Baghdad outskirts areas.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has sent two mobile medical clinics to the areas of Baghdad outskirts in order to provide therapeutic and medical services. 
” The IRCS has sent two mobile medical clinics to provide medical and consultation services to a number of areas in the outskirts of Baghdad in the sides of Karkh and Rusafa”, said Dr. Ali Al-Musawey, the director of the health section.
Dr. Ali has continued that four doctors, a female doctor in different specialties, one pharmacist and two nurses work in the above-mentioned clinics to provide medical and therapeutic advisory services to the residents of the outskirts of Baghdad, most of the residents are poor families, and the number of beneficiaries of treatment services has reached more than 150 citizens per day.
Dr. Ali has added, “The two medical clinics move daily between the areas of the outskirts of Baghdad, with five areas in Karkh and 10 areas in Rusafa, in addition to that the two clinics are equipped with a diagnostic room, an analysis laboratory, and a pharmacy to dispense medicine.” 
The role of the mobile medical clinics is to support the ministry of health, the IRCS has chosen the above-mentioned areas in Karkh and Rusafa due to the lack of medical services in it. 

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