Iraqi Red Crescent set up introductory courses on international humanitarian law.

The principles and rules of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement considers a distinguishing feature that differs from other movements and qualifies it to learn the roles assigned to it.
The International Humanitarian Law Division of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) focuses on introducing the international movement, its components, principles, and the actions it conducted, and for that, the teams in the division have conducted several introductory workshops on the International movement. 
The official of the International Humanitarian Law Division in the IRCS Mr. Mustafa Faisal, referred to conduct workshops regarding the above-mentioned matter, and he said that several workshops have been held through the coordinators’ system consisting of the publishers in the IRCS`s headquarters and the coordinators in branches and offices, in addition to a number of lecturers specializing in this topic.
Mr. Mustafa has continued that the workshops deals with introducing the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, its components, principles, the actions it carries out, the logos used in it and its implications, adding to introduce the international humanitarian law, its rules, applications, the Geneva conventions and protocols, also introducing the tasks, history, objectives and activities of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society. 
Mr. Mustafa has explained that 27 courses were held by 16 branches of the IRCS, and the number of beneficiaries have reached more than 280 participants, including managers, members and teams of communication and community development forums, several topics were discussed in the introductory sessions, including: introducing international humanitarian law, its origin and development, the Geneva Conventions and Protocols, the scope of application of international humanitarian law, its principles, its importance and the difference between the International humanitarian law and human rights law, as well as the definition of the categories protected according to this law.
The program of the international humanitarian law is one of the most powerful mechanisms at the disposal of the international community that can guarantee the safety of people and preserve their dignity in times of war, as well as its endeavor to preserve a certain degree of humanity guided by the principle of (even war has limits).

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