Iraqi Red Crescent: Six RO units are witnessing a wide congestion exceeds its capacity as a result of water scarcity in Babylon Governorate.

As a result of the water scarcity in Babil governorate, especially in the rural and remote areas and due to the large swarming of citizens to the desalination units of the Iraqi Red Crescent (IRCS)  which they are six units, the IRCS`s teams in Babil have conducted a health awareness campaign on how to disinfect water and the proper means of water transport also how to rationalize for the people in the governorate.
Some of the desalination units have witnessed a wide congestion by the people which exceeds its capacity, noting that there are six desalination units that are distributed to the areas and districts of Al-Basrah governorate, the IRCS bears all the financial and logistical implications of maintaining, switching filters, operators and generators, It distributes free water every day to cover a large number of citizens who are in desperate need of safe potable water and daily use during the hot summer weather. 

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