Iraqi Red Crescent Society, is the first humanitarian organization that provides food assistant and relief for 1,200 families trapped in Sinjar mountain

Since the violence broke out in the city of Sinjar in last August, thousands of people resorted to Sinjar mountain, during which the families lived at the top of the mountain in a very difficult humanitarian conditions, as most of them was not able to leave the mountain to Kurdistan areas despite of the fact that there was large number of them was able to leave the place, more than 11 thousand people have been living for five months in upper Sinjar mountain and rely in their lives on what being provided by the relief aid teams by air because of the siege of the mountain, while in the last period the Iraqi RC sends regular food assistant which dropped by air.
Shirzad Kader (one of the trapped persons with his family), said ” we can not leave the mountain since we turned to it after the fall of Sinjar city, and since that time we live in caves and rely on the eyes water and what can be reached to us via Iraq RC and some of other parties by air”.

while Nachmil (a mother of two children, who lost her husband during his escape from Sinjar said “We live in this mountain since a long time and I’m trying to keep my children revive through giving them food, and what we get from aid which reaches us by aircrafts, during a terror and fear state, adding to the risks that surround us. Sometimes I say that we’re going to die before dawn, but I have a hope that there will be a help soon”.
During the last two days IRCS’s teams were able to present a relief quality operation (which is the arrival of humanitarian aid that distributed to 11 thousand people trapped in Sinjar mountain since more than five months).
The director of Erbil branch/IRCS Mr.Howera Ihsan said that “Iraqi RC was able to distribute 400 food parcel, 1000 health kit, 1000 kitchen kit, 1000 kerosen heater, 1000 water thermos and 2,000 blankets as well as to coordinate with Erbil governorate to transport more than 200000 liters of fuel which have been distributed to the besieged families in Sinjar (1,200 family) in spite of road difficulty and the deteriorating security situation”.

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