Iraqi Red Crescent teams distribute food aid for poor families in a number of governorates.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has distributed food aid for the poor families in the governorates of Karbala, Basra, Maysan, and Wasit.
The IRCS has said in a statement” The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent in Karbala have distributed food aid to 250 poor families who are living in the center and the districts of the governorate, the aid included food parcels and a bag of rice weighs 25 kilos, 2 bags for every family”.
The statement has added that the IRCS`s teams in the governorate of Basra have distributed (250) integrated food parcels to the poor families in the governorate, after conducting a pre-assessment to identify the numbers of families and their needs.
The statement has continued that the IRCS has distributed in the governorate of Maysan (75)  food parcels for the families who are living in slums and remote areas and the distribution is continuing to include all the families who surveyed throughout the governorate. 
In the same context,  in Wasit, the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent have started to distribute food aid to the poor and displaced families who are living in it, where the IRCS has prepared a prior plan to provide support and the humanitarian assistance for as many poor families as possible in the above-mentioned governorates. 

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